Bean's Quest App Reviews

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Worth it

It gets more and more challenging without becoming frustrating but interesting and fun. Mix between super mario et the ball bounce game on the nokia. Great app (also optimized for the the 5 which is now for me a must for all apps)

Cool game

Different and fun. Great graphical appeal!


Great game. Hours of fun and great replay value. Maybe this is game is a bit hard for the "CoD generation" but amazing for the rest of us!


In love

Great game, great look, great music

Really tight controls in a solid package. Great job by the devs!


Like the style and gameplay is different but very fun

Best plateformer on iOS, for sure.

This is so great it could be a GameBoy game. I love it, AND SO SHOULD U GODDAMIT.


Good little game, reminds me of Kirby pinball meets yoshis island.

Good call using reddit.

Pretty fun.

Good controls, good interface, good design, good music!

Pretty muc stated in the above. Its simplistic, and easy. I honestly wouldnt mindbuying it for 2.99. Also, thank you for letting me play this with an iPod 1st gen! Barely any games are availible for 1st gen :(


Great music, awesome graphics, tight simple controls, this game is awesome!

iPhone 4 Lag?

Everything is spectacular. The only possible issue is a slight lag on iPhone 4. The framerate will get choppy every few seconds, messing up my timing and distance for jumps. If this was designed for 4S, I would strongly recommend modifying it for the A4 chip in iPhone 4 since most people still have that.

Mexican Jumping Bean is Addicting!!

Pseudo Mario game play with creatively interactive levels. Love stomping out all the baddies!

Gunner than candy land!

Buy it. Just freaking buy it!

Must buy for classic gamers

If you ever owned a NES or a Master System this game is a no brainier!

Great game

I wasnt sold at first and wasnt sure I liked the overall style but I fell in love. Seriously addictive.

Fun game

Very fun, lots of neat secrets to find too

Truly a great retro game.

Im an old curmudgeon and I feel most iOS efforts to make platformers control so weak-- but this one understands the platform and takes simple controls into a quite rich game. You will like this.


Best purchase Ive made on an iOS game in along time! Simple and original concept, lots of replay value. Great job guys!!

Awesome platformer

Worth the price

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